Truck Edition, powered by Western Turbo, is happy to announce another long-awaited addition to our growing line of heavy-duty truck modules. P/N 35000 was recently released for sale and it’s already getting a lot of buzz!

This Truck Edition module will bring new life to your 2009-2014 D11, D13, and D16 Volvo engines – Yes, we said VOLVO! This module also fits 2009-2014 Mack MP7, MP8 & MP10 engines.

These Heavy Duty Truck Edition modules are designed for fuel economy with an increase in power of up to 30% over stock, all while delivering fuel economy benefits of 10 to 20%. The module is adjustable on-the-fly with a 4-position switch for Stock, Fuel Economy (+10% HP), Fuel Economy plus Power (+20% HP), and Power (+30% HP).

Truck Edition modules do not flash your ECM, instead the module receives the signals from the ECM and then optimizes the signals going to the engine to improve performance and efficiency. The Plug-and-Play design means there is no need to cut and splice any wires, just connect the Heavy Duty Truck Edition module into your existing factory connectors.

All this, plus a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and a LIFETIME WARRANTY makes this purchase a no-brainer – call us for yours today!

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Light duty, medium duty, or heavy duty? No matter what your needs are, a module from Truck Edition will guarantee better performance and fewer trips to the filling station.

The application is plug-and-play, so there’s no room for error, no cutting or splicing necessary.

Fuel prices might be low right now, but that pendulum is bound to swing back to what we’re used to, so you might as well be ready with a new module.

Here’s a close up look at some of the details that put these modules on the cutting edge of vehicle performance.

Contact us to learn more!

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As part of its continued support of the Ag industry, Western Turbo will once again be attending Manitoba Ag Days at the Brandon Keystone Centre. Along with Western Diesel, our western Manitoba Brandon (Bosch) Service Dealer, you can find us at Booth 1721 in Barn 3.

Manitoba Ag Days is widely known as the largest indoor agricultural show in Canada and attendees can expect to experience the best in agricultural production expertise, technology and equipment. The event attracts exhibitors and spectators from all over Canada and North Central United States.

We will be there showcasing the newest engine products, performance modules,  Stanadyne fuel additives/conditioners, Reviva remanufactured engines, assorted Racor fuel and oil filters, and our vast fuel shop capabilities.

If you have performance or fuel issues, or are simply looking for more power – we’ve got the solution that will work for you.

Event: Manitoba AgDays
Date: January 20, 21 and 22, 2015
Venue: Brandon Keystone Centre Address: 1 – 1175 – 18th Street, Brandon, Manitoba

Admission is free so be sure to drop by. See you there!

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Whether you’re in charge of one truck or one hundred, you’re sure to feel the pinch of rising fuel costs.  As the biggest variable in the trucking industry, the price of diesel has a huge impact on your bottom line.  Here are six tried and true tips for improving fuel mileage, and as a result, profitability:

1)      Tire inflation – even a couple of pounds low, and your fuel mileage will be impacted.  According the US Environmental Protection Agency, for every two pounds that your tires are low, you will suffer a 1% decrease in fuel economy, and wear your tires out more quickly.  Tire pressure should be checked when the tires are cold (before driving), and inflation should be carried out according to the specifications of the vehicle manufacturer.

2)      Fuel Injectors – Fuel injected diesel engines don’t generally require a high degree of maintenance, but fuel deposits on injector tips can change the spray pattern in which fuel is delivered to the cylinders, causing combustion problems.  If you notice excessive fuel consumption, difficulty starting, stalling, and hesitance, have your fuel injectors examined.

3)      Lubrication – Synthetic oils offer better, more consistent lubrication than conventional oil, and last considerably longer (up to five times as long between changes).   Cold weather starting will be improved, and decreased friction between pistons and cylinder walls will lead to better fuel economy.

4)      Speed – As you drive faster, air resistance increases, lowering your truck’s fuel economy.  Engines and transmissions are geared for best, most economical performance between 90-110 kilometers per hours.

5)      Clean Air – A clogged air filtration system will negatively impact fuel economy in any vehicle.  Regularly inspect your air filter, especially if your truck has been operated in dusty conditions (construction!) and replace it if it’s clogged.  Don’t forget to clean your Mass Airflow Sensor at the same time.

6)      A Truck Edition Diesel Control Module – Designed to improve both power ant torque output and fuel economy by providing real-time control of your vehicles engine based on sensor input, a control module can improve performance by up to30% while at the same time decreasing fuel consumption by 10%

Truck Edition control modules are powered by Western Turbo, Winnipeg’s leader in diesel engine performance.  For more information, download the brochure or contact us by phone toll-free 1-800-665-7556.

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Last year, Canadian grain farmers had a bumper crop.  What should have been great cause for celebration, however, turned into a huge headache when the systems that farmers use to get their grain to market were overwhelmed by the larger than usual volume of the harvest, resulting in a backlog of wheat and lost revenue for farmers and transportation companies.  As a result, the review of Canada’s transportation legislation scheduled for 2015 has been bumped forward.

In June, Federal Transport Minister Lisa Raitt announced the creation of an arm’s length review committee, chaired by former Cabinet Minister David Emerson, to look at a number of issues, including the grain transportation problem.  These include:

  • Determining whether adjustments are needed to transportation legislation and policy to support Canada’s competitiveness, trade interests, and economic growth and prosperity.
  • How to improve transport infrastructure capacity through change in policies, regulations, and innovative financing mechanisms.
  • The impact of increased system volume and demands on safety and environmental considerations.
  • How safety concerns related to rail transportation through communities can be addressed.
  • How to address the rapid changes taking place in Canada’s North.
  • Whether current systems (including the Canada Transportation Agency, Canadian Pilotage Authorities, and the St. Lawrence Seaway, and airport and port authorities) are able to address the country’s needs.

As a manufacturer of diesel control modules that can increase the efficiency of over-the-road freight, Truck Edition control modules are something that you, as an owner/operator can do to improve your capacity to deliver freight of all kinds, on time and on budget. We provide modules that can improve power output and fuel economy for all major makes of light, medium, and heavy-duty trucks.

For more information, download the brochure or contact us by phone toll-free 1-800-665-7556.

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On August 16th, The 8th Annual House of Chrome Show n’ Shine will be taking place in Winnipeg.  Trucks will be coming from all over the Prairie Provinces, some with a lot of chrome, some with less.  One thing’s certain – all of these trucks will have grease on their fifth wheels.  This isn’t a show for pampered trailer queens – it’s all about working trucks.

Note that the venue has changed this year – the show will be taking place at the House of Chrome shop, on the south side of the Trans-Canada highway, east of the Headingley Scale.

In addition to a wide array of working trucks, there will be plentiful food and refreshment available.   Come on out, see some great trucks, and meet some great people.  As Winnipeg’s premiere Diesel Repair centre, and makers of Truck Edition Diesel Control Modules, we at Western Turbo wouldn’t miss this one for the world.

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Mack Trucks is expanding its service and support network by opening new facilities in Canada.

They’ve recently announced the 117,000 square foot Readhead Equipment facility to be built in Regina, Saskatchewan.  This dealership will have 27 service bays, a truck lifting system, and will employ 15 Mack technicians.

Additionally, the Anjou, Quebec dealership will be relocated to Laval, Quebec, for easier access.  It will be just off major routes AR-440 and AR-25.

These moves are just further confirmation that the future of road freight in Canada is bright.  As one of the major players in the truck manufacturing business, it’s clear that Mack sees room for growth among Canadian customers.  According to Stephen Roy, president of Mack Trucks North American Sales and Marketing, “Mack’s customers reap the benefits of maximum vehicle uptime and increased return on investment because of the ongoing investments throughout our dealer network.  Mack is committed to delivering products, services, and support that we’re confident provide unparalleled customer value, and our dealers live this commitment every day.”

Mack has been manufacturing trucks since 1907, and is headquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina.  All Mack products are manufactured in Macungie, Pennsylvania.

Truck Edition diesel control modules are powered by Western Turbo and Fuel Injection of Winnipeg.  We provide modules that can improve power output and fuel economy for all major makes of light, medium, and heavy-duty trucks, including 1993-2006 Mack trucks. These modules augment already fantastic diesel engines by controlling timing, fuel, boost and other vital engine parameters, optimizing combustion.  For more information, download the brochure or contact us by phone toll-free 1-800-665-7556.

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If you depend on a heavy-duty truck with a diesel engine to make your living, you need to know about Truck Edition Heavy Duty diesel control modules.

Truck Edition is a sophisticated microprocessor that works with the onboard computer in your truck to tweak performance. A Truck Edition module will increase available horsepower and torque, while at the same time giving you substantial gains in fuel economy.

While this counterintuitive win/win may seem like voodoo or witchcraft, there is solid science at the core of a Truck Edition module. It uses the engine’s own sensors to provide input, and calculates information about injection timing and compression ratios to augment the output of the stock computer, which means that your engine will work smarter, not harder.

The movement of goods is important. More than 90% of the items that you can purchase in a Canadian store were brought there by truck. Unfortunately, profit margins for owner/operators are quite thin, and you need every advantage you can get to remain competitive.

Truck Edition delivers – up to 90 HP in heavy duty applications, with fuel savings of up to 3 mpg. We build these modules to last, and support them with a lifetime guarantee. All components of a Truck Edition module are chosen for heat and vibration resistance, and the units themselves are encased in epoxy to prevent environmental damage. We know that downtime is unacceptable to our customers, and build our products accordingly. No matter what size truck you drive, or what you haul or tow, Truck Edition can save you money and give you a better performance.

To find out how one of our control modules can benefit your truck, contact us 1-800-665-7556.

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Light Duty Truck Edition Diesel Control Modules take the technology that we’ve developed for big trucks and diesel equipment and put it under the hood of your truck.

If you own a Dodge powered by a 5.9 or 6.7 liter Cummins engine, you know that you’ve got a machine that’s ready to perform. Adding a control module from Truck Edition will improve your fuel mileage while increasing the power you can output by 30, 60, or 90 horsepower (you can select on the fly).

Truck Edition Control modules use sophisticated microprocessor technology to augment your truck’s fuel supply system, measuring a number of variables hundreds if times each second to determine the precise amount of fuel to be supplied to your engine, at the exact millisecond that it needs to be there. This information is handed over to your truck’s onboard computer, which uses it to improve your engine’s performance.

Not Just Any Module
We carefully manufacture our modules using the best available technology. Our components are the best that can be sourced, many of them meeting military performance specifications. We assemble them using the best possible processes (soldering all connections) and encase them in a slow-cure epoxy. We over-engineered these modules, because we know that our customers over-use their trucks. Truck Edition modules are easy to install, using quality factory connectors with no splicing required.

Every Truck Edition module is backed by a lifetime warranty, and a 30-day money back guarantee. Save money on fuel, while increasing power and performance.

Truck Edition modules are powered by Western Turbo and Fuel Injection of Winnipeg. For more information, download the brochure or contact us by phone toll-free 1-800-665-7556.

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It would seem that predictions of the last recession brought about that had us all driving tiny little roller-skate cars with hybrid power plants and solar panels on the roof weren’t entirely true. While there are plenty of really great cars that might not have seen the light of day without that economic wake-up call on the market today, one thing is certain – you cannot move things like furniture, livestock, or manure, in a Prius.

This doesn’t mean that Detroit has run wild with creation of gas-guzzling monster trucks. While our appetite for big trucks is unabated, the North American consumer wants the best of both worlds. We desire mind-blowing performance without breaking the bank at the gas pump.

The answer, in the case of the biggest and best pickups on the market, has been diesel. Far from the dirty, smelly oil-burners manufactured a generation ago, today’s diesel ¾ ton pickup offerings are chock full of creature comforts and safety features, perform better than machines in the same class ever have, and use less fuel than ever before.

Ford’s F250 features a 6.7L Powerstroke Diesel, advertised to make 440 HP with 880 lb.-feet of torque.

General Motors offers their Sierra and Silverado 2500s with a 6.6L Duramax Diesel providing 397 horsepower, 750 lb.-feet of torque and a towing capacity of 14,500 lbs.
The 6.7L Cummins-powered RAM boasts 370 HP, with a towing capacity of 18,500 lbs.
As you can see, these trucks are pretty evenly matched in terms of their performance specifications, and all are well-appointed machines that you could drive anywhere – out into the cornfields or to a board meeting.

One would expect this power to be expensive, and while the trucks aren’t exactly economy priced fuel-sippers, they are competitive in their market (providing lower prices than foreign competitors) and more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly than ever before.

And they’re just plain awesome.

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