Truck Edition Modules

Truck Edition is committed to taking the extra steps, not short cuts, to create a module that is the solution to your needs.

All components are 100% Factory Inspected and functionally tested prior to final assembly. The module has a sealed design to protect against non-uniform temperature gradients, humidity, corrosion, and vibration. Only electronic components meeting 'industrial' temperature performance are utilized in our module. In many cases, military spec componenets are used. Electronic design methodologies, technologies, and components are selected to achieve minimal susceptability to voltage spikes and glitches induced by environmental electromagnetic interference (EMI) and severe-duty environments.

With a plug and play module design, there is no cutting or splicing to connect. TRUCK EDITION modules only use quality factory connectors. The electronics are 'potted' in a slow-cure Epoxy compund.

At the heart of the TRUCK EDITION module is an embedded microcontroller whose job is to constantly monitor specific engine parameters (making upto 100,000 measurements per second) and then utilize the latest digital signal processing techniques to calculate new performance-enhancing parameters and relay these to the vehicle's engine control computer in real time, resulting in improved performance without reflashing or modifying the engine's computer programming in any way.


"Module set at 90 more horsepower for three weeks and I achieved 15 1/2 miles to the gallon."
-- Jim Campbell
First Class Training Centre
"This module will pay for itself in no-time in fuel savings, plus you get the bonus of added power.
-- Jeff Esslinger
Western Turbo